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best gay spa's in the world
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2009-2010-2011-2012 Our Latest GAY TRAVEL SPA Discoveries

View our top 2013 Gay Spa Resorts here.

United States Spa Search

United States Spa Search 2011/2012

Whether it's a couple's massage, mud bath, or seaweed facial, Passport Magazine brings you the top gay spas in the United States.

United States Spa Search 2010/2011

Passport has left no hot stone unturned, or therapy untried, to bring you our favorite spas in the United States.
Europe Spa Search

Europe Spa Search 2011-2012

Rest and relaxation, might never have left earth had she discovered Europe's Gay Spa's

Europe Spa Search 2010-2011

Passport seeks out the most indulgent, hedonistic, and peaceful spas in Europe.
Asia Spa Search

Asia Spa Search 2011-2012

Asia Spa's are sure to provide you with just what you need to relax and revitalize

Asia Spa Search 2010-2011

When planning your next delightfully indulgent getaway in Asia, you're sure to find the spa treatment of your dreams at one of these exceptional locations.
Africa Spa Search

Africa Spa Search 2010-2011

Cape Town, by many standards the gay-friendliest city in Africa, and is worthy of a visit to the Sanctuary Spa.
Australia Spa Search

Australia Spa Search 2010-2011-2012

Surfing or snorkeling at the beach when you go to Australia Gay Spa is a must do and it's likely you'll fry your skin without even knowing it.
South America Spa Search

South America Spa Search 2010-2011

Whether it's a couple of massage, mud bath, or seaweed facial, the astounding array of South America spas is not to miss.
North America Spa Search

North America Spa Search 2011-2012

The goal of our Best Gay Spa's in North America is to rejuvenate and revitalize the body.

North America Spa Search 2010-2011

Passport visits North America Spas of Canada and Mexico, here our are tantalizing results.
Discover our Past Years Reviews of the Best Gay Spas


In our global search for the ultimate pampering of body, mind, and spirit, Passport has discovered the most indulgent, hedonistic, and soothing spas from around the world. Here are the tantalizing results.

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Best Gay Spa Search in the World

Every day, more and more people are discovering that a trip to the spa, whether for the day or an entire vacation, is the perfect way to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. Passport has left no hot stone unturned, or therapy untried, to bring you our favorite spas from around the globe. Best Gay Spa Search in the World.

2012 Gay Event Calendars

International Gay Pride Calendar 2012
Hundreds of cities and towns across the globe host gay pride events each year, but there are battles yet to be won. Protests and parades highlight our setbacks and accomplishments, and coming together as a community is always cause for celebration. See our 2012 Int'l Gay Pride Calendar!

International Gay Cruise Calendar 2012
Our annual Gay Travel Cruise Calendar, an expansive list of the world's best gay and lesbian cruise voyages for 2012. See our 2012 International Gay Cruise Calendar!

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