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In a poll by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications, we learned that the LGBT community is inclined to be more concerned about ecological issues than the general public. Among other eco-findings, the poll showed: 55% of LGBT adults vs. 33% of straight adults say they care a lot about green issues; 48% vs. 25% consider the environment when shopping; 45% vs. 27% highly value a political candidate's stance on green issues; 25% vs. 17% use the environment as a factor when considering a potential employer. Local organizations and foundations are following suit, like Seattle’s Out for Sustainability (www.outsustainability.org) who also spearhead the Greener Pride movement (trying to get Pride celebrations to lessen their environmental impact. www.greenerpride.org). Other people and organizations of note include: Green and Gay (www.greenandgay.com) a website that reviews and highlights sustainable products that are produced by companies that are allies to the LGBT community; and Mark Phillips, the gay man who created Blue Frog (www.bluefroglondon.com), the UK agency supporting charities and a more sustainable world, puts his ideas and inspirations into a forum with Queer Ideas (www.queerideas.co.uk).
—David Tumbiri

[Published: April, 2011]