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Exploring the Cultural Side of Los Angeles

Look past the flashbulbs and glitter of Hollywood and you’ll see an expansive city with art in every corner. From world-class music and theatre to unique and awe-inspiring contemporary art, Los Angeles has some of the world’s best cultural experiences.

Love Is GREAT Britain:
Brought Together in Brighton

On holiday in beautiful, beachside Brighton, England, a young man’s lost train ticket could set him on the path to finding the love of his life. With time running out, will fate bring these two strangers back together for their storybook ending?


Love Is GREAT Britain:
Enchanted in Edinburgh

A love born in Brighton has blossomed into a romantic getaway to Edinburgh, Scotland. Join the couple brought together by destiny as they explore the majestic hills and centuries-old castles of Scotland’s capital city.


Love Is GREAT Britain:
Romantic and Inspiring

Food, history, art, scenery; join three couples as they explore Great Britain from the countryside to the clubs. The adventure and inspiration never ends.


Love is Love in Fort Lauderdale

In celebration of the recent landmark ruling in favor of same-sex marriage equality in Florida, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted a wedding for 100 LGBT and straight couples from across the country in an amazing ceremony at the W Fort Lauderdale. A film crew from Passport Magazine was there to capture the laughter and tears of joy on this beautiful and historic day. Congratulations to all the lucky couples!

Behind The Scenes — Swimwear 2015 in Phuket, Thailand

Behind The Scenes — Swimwear 2015 in Phuket, Thailand

Join us as we travel to Phuket, Thailand for this year’s seductive swimwear issue. Whether sharing Champagne at five-star resorts or getting playful on deserted island beaches, our models are sure to give you some (fashionable) ideas.

Lexus Experience

The Lexus Experience

Join PASSPORT and Lexus as we travel from coast to coast in search of the most luxurious hotel experience in the country.