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‘I Am Cait’ Scores Gold in the Ratings

July 29th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via Youtube

Photo via Youtube

It seems the American public can’t get enough of Caitlyn Jenner as the Olympian has proved to be ratings gold. In addition to drawing massive audiences to the Diane Sawyer interview and the two-part Keeping Up With the Kardashians special, the transgender icon’s new reality show on the E! network, I Am Cait, brought in record numbers for the cable network.

The show, which follows the day-to-day routine of Caitlyn, brought in over 2.7 million people — making it the third-largest premiere for E!. Making up over half of the audience were the coveted 18-49-year-0ld demographic.

The Real First Agency For Trans Models Merits Media Spotlight, Too

July 27th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via Transcendence Icon

Photo via Transcendence Icon

Apple Model Management L.A. made headlines this week after becoming “the world’s first agency to represent all-transgender models,” The Advocate reports. This summer, the Bangkok-based modeling agency will put down roots in Los Angeles to begin exclusively promoting their transgender model division.

“We see trans individuals as beautiful,” says LA agency director Cecilio Asuncion. “Our strong commitment to developing them as successful models is never about quantifying or qualifying their gender. It’s never a question of if they are women or men, it’s about their passion and commitment to being the best possible models they can be.”

Asuncion went on to tell The Advocate that plenty of trans* models over the years have been unable to achieve their true potential, curbed by stigmas the fashion industry held toward the community. Now, he says, is time that changes.

There’s just one thing.

The world’s first transgender-specific modeling agency already exists in none other than Boise, Idaho, and its those exact stigmas that are keeping it out of this week’s discourse on transgender models over on Buzzfeed, Elle, Hollywood Reporter, and beyond.

Transcendence Icon, a small, yet growing firm, has been way ahead of the curve in promoting trans* beauty, fostering the careers of transgender models, commercial actors, dancers, and others since last March.

On Thursday, the agency issued a press release in response to The Advocate, who falsely attributed Apple Agency as the world’s first agency of its kind.

“Recently, other existing modeling agencies, both in the United States and overseas (namely Apple Models, Bangkok, Thailand) have begun to add representation of transgender models to their existing format, and some of those agencies claim to be first out of the gate.”

Apple Model Management’s height requirements for its models, a 5’8” requirement for trans* woman and a 6′ and up requirement for trans* men, are not only unrealistic for trans* individuals, but breed a serious lack of diversity, says Amy Icon, creator and executive director of Transcendence Icon.

On The Advocate’s report, Icon told Passport: “It’s a real disfavor to us, and to our 14-year-old brand ambassador D.W. Wiona. They clearly didn’t check their facts.”

Among the transgender models who wouldn’t make Apple’s cut is D.W. Wiona, a key player in lobbying state legislation to the Senate floor this year that allowed transgender students to use preferred-gender restrooms in public schools. A true beauty in her own right, the young trailblazer stands at 5 feet, 6 inches.

“While the agency doesn’t have an office in New York or Paris or Milan, it was the first of its kind and manages a number of unique and beautiful models with unbelievable potential.”

Caitlyn Jenner Dazzles in ‘I Am Cait’ Series Premiere

July 24th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via Youtube

Photo via Youtube

“What a responsibility I have towards this community,” Jenner says in the opening moments of I Am Cait, wide awake from uneasiness at 4:30 A.M. “I just hope I get it right.”

And right she did by the premiere episode of her highly anticipated, eight-hour docuseries, which stars Caitlyn — formerly Bruce Jenner — as she takes her next steps into the uncharted territory of womanhood with admirable poise.

Caitlyn Jenner’s debut sails on with her new E! series, I Am Cait, a poignant move among many as of late for the 65-year-old trailblazer. Her last public appearance as Bruce Jenner in April, an unforgettable interview with Diane Sawyer, saw 17 million viewers tune in. It’s fair to say her “Call Me Caitlyn” Vanity Fair cover, in which she presented as a woman for the first time, sent the media into full-fledged blitz, further dizzied when she usurped President Obama’s Twitter-follower record later that day. And just last week, the former Olympian went on to deliver a remarkably articulate speech at the ESPY Awards, where she was honored with the evening’s high honor, the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

But I Am Cait tops all else, making its Keeping Up predecessor look even less substantive, if at all possible. Kim Kardashian does (of course) make a short appearance, offering Jenner the reminder, “All eyes on you now. You cannot disappoint.”

In this Sunday’s premiere episode of I Am Cait, viewers will be introduced to a new father-daugher dynamic between Caitlyn and her 17-year-old daughter Kylie Jenner, who “meets” Caitlyn for the first time as the cameras are rolling, per usual.

“Hey, pretty!” Kylie says before giving Caitlin a big hug.

“Hey, baby! I didn’t know you were here!” Caitlyn says. “You look so pretty,” Kylie lights up.

It’s a moment that’s colored with a sincerity that almost leads you to wonder if you’ve stumbled upon a different E! entirely, one that doesn’t air shows like the #RichKids of Beverly Hills, a notoriously snobbish melodrama that hits viewers with questions like, “Have you ever partied so hard you partied your eyebrows off?”

Take note, reality TV. Catch the premiere of I Am Cait this Sunday on E!, and watch a snippet of when Kylie met Caitlyn below.

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Ireland Passes Historic Transgender-Rights Bill

July 16th, 2015 Comments off
Image via Glynnis Jones

Image via Glynnis Jones

Ireland will be one of the few countries in the world to allow transgender individuals to legally change their gender without medical or state intervention. Most Western countries require transgender people to undergo gender-reassignment surgery and sterilization before legally changing their gender.  Only Denmark and Malta have similar laws.

Watch Caitlyn Jenner Give Groundbreaking Speech at ESPY Awards

July 16th, 2015 Comments off
Screen cap via ESPY

Screen cap via ESPY

Caitlyn Jenner, who was being honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, took the time to not only make quips about getting ready for the big night, but also how she hoped to “reshape the landscape” on how transgender individuals are viewed.

Watch by clicking here. 

TV Must-Watch: TLC Premieres Transgender-Teen Jazz Jennings Reality Show Tomorrow

July 14th, 2015 Comments off
Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

It’s going to be a big year for 14-year-old Jazz Jennings. The transgender girl was once the face of trans* children (and a constant topic on the news) is now all grown up and facing everyday teen issues…including acne. Jennings became the face of Clean & Clear’s latest campaign “See the Real Me.” The video shows a confident girl enjoying time with her friends. “I’ve always known who I am. I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Growing up has been quite a struggle being transgender—especially in middle school…sometimes, I’ve even been called an ‘it.’”

Now, Jennings is set to reveal more about her everyday life in a new reality show on TLC  that premieres tomorrow. According to TLC: I AM JAZZ follows Jazz’s complex and fascinating story. Throughout the season, viewers follow as Jazz prepares to start her new school in the fall, faces decisions regarding her health, has to choose between her passion for soccer and spending more time with friends, and navigates entering the dating world.

You can watch a preview here. 



Pentagon Finalizing Plans to Allow Transgender Service Members

July 14th, 2015 Comments off
Image via Zurijeta

Image via Zurijeta

The Pentagon is expected to announce this week plans to take the necessary steps to allow transgender individuals to enter service. Officials say that they will give the services six months to implement the changes. According to the AP: “Military chiefs wanted time to methodically work through the legal, medical and administrative issues and develop training to ease any transition, and senior leaders believed six months would be sufficient.”

Transgender individuals during the six months willl still not be allowed to join the military, but those who are already serving will not be kicked out. Instead, the individual will be referred to the Pentagon’s acting undersecretary.


‘Mala Mala’ Dazzles at New York Premiere

July 7th, 2015 Comments off
Phot via Mala Mala

Photo via Mala Mala

“‘Mala’ means, like, when girls are having their period. But in the club scene and in the gay scene, we say ‘mala mala’ when you’re really anxious, or really excited just to go on stage or whatever,” explained Puerto Rican drag starlet and RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite April Carrion, at the IFC premiere of “Mala Mala” in Greenwich Village on Wednesday. “It just describes everything… excitement, fear, going to the bathroom… everything!”

April, featured alongside Queen Bee Ho and a band of her Doll House sisters, leads the life of a professional entertainer and female impersonator on the isle of Puerto Rico, and is just one of the nine trans-identifying subjects featured in the visually-stunning documentary, which encompasses drag queens, small-business owners, street workers, authors, and trans* advocates, to name a few.

Among them are Sandy, a transgender woman who, like many, earn wages day-to-day on the streets; Ivana, a glamorous transgender activist and TV personality; and Soraya, a 65-year-old hair stylist who was a sex-change trailblazer on the island and identifies wholly as a woman, not as transgender.

“My goal is to be a passable woman. Not a queen that only lives at night,” remarks Sophia Viones, the strikingly earnest New York transplant.

Paxx, the feature’s only male-identifying female, is perpetually at odds with aligning his gender identity with his physical self, emboldening Puerto Rico’s serious deficiency in medical resources for trans* folk, alongside Samantha, who faces the repercussions of administering black market hormones earlier in life. The film also follows the flight of the Butterflies Trans Foundation, a civil-rights group that presses for legislation to ban housing and job discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Poignant, yet sincerely moving, “Mala Mala” delves into the vastly unique lives of nine residents of Puerto Rico’s transgender community, unified by their collective desire to improve circumstances for trans* people, but each with their own profound struggles to prevail over during the course of three years.

Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini triumph in cross-stitching the glamorous and the mundane — the sometimes all-together dismal, and the often all-inspiring — in their landmark documentary, which opened last week in New York. The screening was followed by an in-theatre panel discussion and an expectedly fierce afterparty at The Box, with sickening performances from Queen Bee Ho, April Carrion, Kandy Ho, and Pipiota LaKoah.

Catch April and the rest of this remarkable cast at IFC this week through the 14th.

Watch the trailer below.

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“The People’s Pope” Disses the Transgender Community

June 19th, 2015 Comments off
via Passport Magazine.

Image via Passport Magazine.

Hailed as “The People’s Pope,” Pope Francis I has been coming under fire lately for exclusionary comments, especially towards the LGBTQ community.

Francis I was recently quoted saying “The acceptance of our bodies as God’s gift is vital for welcoming and accepting the entire world as a gift from the Father and our common home.” However, rather than turn this into a positive statement, he went on to target the trans* community with some not-so-subtle statements about how “thinking that we enjoy absolute power over our own bodies turns, often subtly, into thinking that we enjoy absolute power over creation.”

Not super surprising from the head of the Catholic Church and a man who speaks out against genetically modified organisms (GMOS). However, this next line really takes the cake.

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Bangkok University Unveils New Uniforms for Transgender Students

June 17th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Thailand’s eldest, largest private university revealed new uniforms earlier this month for students with “alternative” genders.

Students at Bangkok University typically don white button shirts—boys wear loose slacks, and girls wear long skirts—but as soon as next term, “ladyboys” will be permitted to sport skirts and slim trousers, and “tomboys” will be able to opt for neck ties and baggy slacks.

Most undergraduate students in Thailand are required to dress according to school-sanctioned guidelines, but Bangkok University is the first educational institute in the nation to offer preferred-gender options for pupils across the gender spectrum.

“We’re ready for our transgender students to come and learn,” said the school via its Facebook page. “Just dress in a neat fashion.”


Photo Via Facebook

Photo Via Facebook