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Trans* Rights Activists Call For ‘Zoolander 2’ Boycott

November 24th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via Youtube

Photo via YouTube

Last week, the highly anticipated trailer for Zoolander 2 was released, and while it may have swept the Internet, some viewers weren’t so taken by it. The trailer included a scene in which Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s male model characters meet “All,” an androgenous model from the future played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Owen Wilson’s character goes on to ask All if they have a “hotdog or a bun,” a comment that has spurred serious backlash from transgender-rights activists. In response, an online campaign on Care2petitions has called for a boycott of the film, and has reached 11,716 at the time of writing.

The petition reads: “If the producers and screenwriters of Zoolander wanted to provide social commentary on the presence of trans/androgyne individuals in the fashion industry, they could have approached models like Andreja Pejic to be in the film. By hiring a cis actor to play a non-binary individual in a clearly negative way, the film endorses harmful and dangerous perceptions of the queer community at large.”

Are exaggerated stereotypes being thrown in every direction, or is the film explicitly mocking androgyne/trans/non-binary models? Watch the trailer below:

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Commemorating Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

November 20th, 2015 Comments off

Image via Passport.

Today marks Transgender Day of Remembrance. The day was started in response to the murders, violence, and hate crimes that the transgender community faces each day (an emotional list of those who we have lost this year alone). It honors both those who have been tragically lost as well as those who continue the fight against transphobia. To end the violence, discrimination, and bullying, we must continue to educate, empower, and unite behind this important cause.

Click here for a huge list of international events to mark the occasion.

Petition Demands that ‘Men’s Health’ Put Transgender Man on Cover after He Rightfully Won Contest

November 19th, 2015 Comments off
Image via Men's Health

Aydian Dowling. Image via Men’s Health

Vlogger Aydian Dowling, a transgender male blogger, rightfully won Men’s Health Ultimate Guy search when  he won the most votes in an online contest. The 27-year-old, though, never won his prize of becoming the first-ever transman on the cover of the magazine.

Dowling earned 72,672 votes compared with only 23,572 for the runner-up. But editors of the magazine chose the overall winner, and they went with Tim Boniface, a firefighter from Kentucky who can be seen posing by himself on this month’s regular cover.

So despite being the clear choice of the voters, Aydian was relegated to a special “collector’s edition,” where he appears with a group of men, off to the side: half of his body in shown in profile near the fold.

A new petition has been launched demanding that the magazine put Dowling on the cover, and it’s already received plenty of traction. 


Caitlyn Jenner Still Intends on Voting Republican in 2016 After Watching Democratic Debate

November 18th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via Youtube

Photo via Youtube

It seems that despite Caitlyn Jenner’s brand-new inner circle of transgender women and the liberal friends over at Glamour aren’t enough to change her mind politically. And while the star was shown throughout her television show, I Am Cait, to role with someone of the best and brightest transgender women and learn about the political oppression that transpeople face under conservatives, the Olympian still intends on voting for whomever receives the 2016 Republican nomination.

During the taping of the new season of her show, Jenner was in Iowa, and although she watched the debate with students, she said: “They didn’t convince me.”

We still have a little less than a year for Jenner to change her mind and learn that most Republicans aren’t on her side. [LA]

Husband of 9/11 Hero Returns ‘Glamour’ Woman of the Year Award After Caitlyn Jenner Received Honor

November 16th, 2015 Comments off
Photo via

Photo via

A man has returned an award given to his wife post-humously for her service during the 9/11 attacks after Glamour magazine gave the same award to transgender-icon Caitlyn Jenner. The Woman of the Year award was given to NYPD Officer Moira Smith who died helping people escape from Tower Two, and the award was received by her husband, who is non-too-pleased that his wife would share a distinction along with Caitlyn Jenner. He called it a “slap in the face” in a Facebook post. “Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?” he asked.


“At a time when we have women in the armed forces fighting and dying for our country, heroic doctors fighting deadly diseases, women police officers and firefighters putting their lives on the line for total strangers, brave women overcoming life-threatening diseases…the list of possibilities goes in…is this the best you could do?”


Chelsea Manning is Denied Further Healthcare to Continue Gender Transition

November 13th, 2015 Comments off
Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning

The Department of Justice has filed a brief in Chelsea Manning’s case against the United States government challenging her request to grow her hair beyond the two inches allowed by military regulation.

Chelsea Manning is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. In September 2015, military officials again denied her repeated requests to be treated as female for purposes of hair length and hair grooming regulations, a recommended part of her treatment for gender dysphoria.

The government’s brief argues that withholding this treatment is for Chelsea’s own good to protect her from alleged assaults if she is permitted to further feminize in accordance with her medical needs.

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning writes in response:

I believe that defining ourselves in our own terms and in our own languages is one of the most powerful and important rights that we have as human beings. Presenting myself in the gender that I am is about my right to exist. What the government is basically telling me is ‘you cannot exist,’ that ‘you are wrong,’ and that ‘you do not exist.’ What they are doing is taking away our right to exist. I think this is the kind of situation that justifies all kinds of terrible things like ignorance, maltreatment, torture, murder, and genocide.

Nobody knows your gender more than you do. No—one. You do not know my gender better than I do. A doctor doesn’t know it better than me. My parents don’t know it better than me. No one experiences my gender in the way that I experience it. Gender presentation should reflect the person that you are. When you lose control of your gender presentation you lose an important aspect of your identity and existence.

Watch the Trailer for the Second Season of the Award-Winning Amazon Original, ‘Transparent’

November 11th, 2015 Comments off
Image via Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

It seems like it has been years since we last saw the Pfeffermans. Amazon has finally released a trailer for the second season of the show. While the clip doesn’t set up too much about what’s in store for the family, except a wedding, we’re excited to see if they have all finally come to terms with Maura’s Pfefferman’s transition and have done a bit of growing since last year’s shenanigans.

Get ready to binge watch on December 11.

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Caitlyn Jenner Honored at Glamour Women Of The Year Awards

November 10th, 2015 Comments off

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Hollywood’s brightest stars came out to play for Glamour’s Women of The Year Awards on Monday night at Carnegie Hall, and a sapphire-clad Caitlyn Jenner was honored with a Woman of the Year Award.

The ceremony was devoted to female trailblazers and newsmakers “from across the worlds of entertainment, fashion, politics, business, and more​.” Other honorees included Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham, and Elizabeth Holmes.

“When it comes to gender, everyone in this room is on a journey,” Jenner began her speech. “We are constantly learning and growing as human beings learning about ourselves.”

Kylie​ Jenner, who attended the event in support of her father, wrote on Instagram, “You’re amazing … congrats on being woman of the year.”

Watch Glamour’s montage video of Caitlyn Jenner below:

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Victory in Chicago as Court Rules Transgender Student Has Right to Use Women’s Locker Rooms

November 3rd, 2015 Comments off
Image via ABC NEWS.

Image via ABC NEWS.

The US Department of Education has found that a Chicago-area school district discriminated against a transgender girl for not allowing her access to the girl’s locker rooms.

“All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities—this is a basic civil right,” Assistant US Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said in a statement Monday.

The transgender student (who is underage so the court protects her identity), was forced to change and shower separately from her fellow teammates.

“The Department of Education’s decision makes clear that what my school did was wrong,” the student said in statement from the ACLU. “I hope no other student, anywhere, is forced to confront this indignity. It is a good day for all students, but especially those who are transgender all across the nation.”

The district, Township High School, is not pleased with the decision and released a statement defending their previous policy.

“We do not agree with (the DOE’s) decision and remain strong in our belief that the District’s course of action, including private changing stations in our locker rooms, appropriately serves the dignity and privacy of all students in our educational environment,” the district said in a statement.

The school now has 30 days to comply with the ruling.  [ABC]

Transgender Model, Loiza Lamers, Becomes First Trans Model to Win ‘Holland’s Next Top Model’

October 27th, 2015 Comments off


Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

The Next Top Model franchise, originally crated by Tyra Banks in 2003, has expanded to an estimated 120 countries across the world. Of those 120 countries it is believed that Holland is the first to crown a transgender woman as their winner.

Twenty-year-old Loiza Lamers underwent gender reassignment surgery two years ago. When she entered the contest she did not disclose her past. It wasn’t until she was one of the last 13 models on the show that she opened up about her surgery. For Lamers, being on Holland’s Next Top Model was a validation of her decision and a point of pride for transition.

Isis King was the first transgender model to find fame on America’s Next Top Model. She has gone to to be the face of American Apparel and walk for Betsey Johnson.