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SumOfUs Takes on Doritos and Use of Rainforest-Killing Palm Oil in New Super Bowl Ad

January 19th, 2015 Comments off
Image via SOU

Image via SOU

Lots has been written about the dangers of using products with palm oil—a product that is responsible for the clearing of thousands of acres of rainforest in Southeast Asia. Little, though, has been done about the nasty consequences of the West’s high demand for the product, especially by big corporations. SumOfUs is hoping to take on Doritos’ parent company PepsiCo during the most watched TV event of the year—the Super Bowl—with a new ad.

SumOfUs writes:

That sound when you bite down on Doritos? That’s the sound of rainforests being “crunched” to make way for massive palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia. Workers, and even children, are trapped in modern slavery on the plantations. Forests and peatlands are burned to the ground, driving endangered species like orangutans to extinction and polluting the Earth’s atmosphere with gigatons of greenhouse gases — all to make palm oil. Doritos’ parent company, PepsiCo, could put a stop to the deforestation. But instead of leading the charge, PepsiCo is hanging back, issuing middling policies with gaps so big a parade of endangered pygmy elephants could fit through them. Tell PepsiCo to be bold and help save the rainforest.

You can watch the ad by clicking here, but also click here to sign their petition.


CIROC Super Bowl Cocktails

January 31st, 2014 Comments off
CÎROC® Game Day Match-Up. Photo via Passport

CÎROC® Game Day Match-Up. Photo via Passport

You’ve bought your chips, cheese puffs, and buffalo wings for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII, but before you cram your refrigerator with a 30-pack of your favorite budget beer, send your inner college frat bro to the sidelines and opt for a classier big-game beverage.

CÎROC® Ultra Premium Vodka has crafted the Game Day Match-Up Cocktail Series and given us the perfect lineup of drinks for Sunday’s Broncos/Seahawks face-off. Choose your favorite, and enjoy the game!


1) The Dimeback

.75 oz CÎROC® Amaretto

.75 oz CÎROC® Coconut

1 oz Simple Syrup

.25 oz Lime Juice


2) The Tailgate

.75 oz CÎROC® Amaretto

.75 oz CÎROC® Peach

1.5 oz Ginger Ale

.75 oz Orange Juice


3) The Double Header

.75 oz CÎROC® Base

.75 oz CÎROC® Red Berry

1.5 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Twist of Lime

.5 oz Tonic Water


4) CÎROC Blitz

.75 oz CÎROC® Base

.75 oz CÎROC® Peach

1.5 oz Pineapple Juice

Splash of Cranberry Juice

Carol Channing’s Pepsi Super Bowl Commerical Relives Singer’s Historic Performance

January 21st, 2014 Comments off
Screen Cap via YouTube.

Screen Cap via YouTube.

A fact many don’t know about the legendary Broadway performer Carol Channing is that the prolific star was the first solo artist to perform during a Super Bowl Halftime Show. In a new commercial from Pepsi, which is to air during the game, Channing surprises a group of retiree bingo players, in particular Rory O’Conner a US Navy vet who saw her perform at Super Bowl IV in 1970.

Check out the Chris Mantzaris–directed video after the jump…

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Leslie Jordan, Larry Twins, and Hotties Have a Hankering for Doritos

December 6th, 2013 Comments off
Screen Cap via YouTube.

Screen Cap via YouTube.

Emmy Award–winning actor Leslie Jordan has a taste for Doritos in a new commercial competing to win a spot during the Super Bowl. Jordan, insecurely arrives at a Doritos commercial casting where he is greeted by openly gay Dollywood to Hollywood–twins Gary and Larry Lane as well as Eating Out–hottie Joel Rush, the threesome-having Camp-star Tim Pocock, and male-model Nick Ayler. Of course, Jordan gains the confidence he needs after snacking on some Doritos and becomes the star of the commercial. The Larry twins wrote and directed the commercial that needs votes in order to make it to the Super Bowl. Check it out after the jump and click here to vote!

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Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo Reaffirms His Commitment to Gay Marriage

February 4th, 2013 Comments off
Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

While most of the Baltimore Ravens were out celebrating after their Super Bowl win, one Raven took the time to record a marriage equality video. Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, who is famous for his support of gay and lesbian marriage during the 2012 election, reaffirmed his stance. The video is part of Respect for Marriage Coalition’s new #Time4Marriage campaign.

Take a look after the jump…

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The Super Bowl Cocktail

February 1st, 2013 Comments off

First and Ten
Get out those buffalo wings, chips, beer, enormous Italian heroes, and all that other deliciously bad for you stuff. It is Super Bowl Sunday after all. Many of us, however, just can’t stomach all that delicious food while consuming buckets of brew, so we found this tasty and refreshing cocktail to make Sunday afternoon a little more pleasurable.

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

3 oz. gin
Dash grenadine
2 oz. orange juice
2 oz. pineapple juice
2 oz. grapefruit juice
Soda water or seltzer
2 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. lemon juice
2 oz. lime juice
Dark rum
Combine all fruit juices and gin in a large shaker half filled with ice and strain into two Collins glasses filled with ice. Top with a splash of grenadine, soda water and dark rum.

‘Sports Illustrated’ Features Celebratory Gay Kiss

February 1st, 2013 Comments off
Photo by Deanne Fitzmaruice via 'Sports Illustrated'

Photo by Deanne Fitzmaruice via ‘Sports Illustrated’

Sports Illustrated, a magazine with 3.5 million subscribers and 23 million mostly male readers each week, featured a gay kiss on page 48 in this week’s issue. The photo, taken by Deanne Fitzmaruice, features two men celebrating the 49ers win with a kiss. The magazine caption read: “the moment the 49ers won the game which secured the team a spot in the Super Bowl.” The picture was taken at San Franciscos’s brand-new gay sports bar called Hi Tops. [BF]


Two 49ers Deny ‘It Gets Better’ Video

February 1st, 2013 Comments off
Image via QT.

Image via QT.

While we were thrilled when the San Francisco 49ers became the first NFL team to team up with the It Gets Better Project, apparently the sentiments the players’ expressed in the video were simply scripted. Two of the four players to appear in the video, linebacker Ahmad Brooks and nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga, were asked about their involvement after their teammate “they gotta get up outta here if they do” Chris Cullver denied participation. “I didn’t make any video,” Brooks told USA Today. “This is America and if someone wants to be gay, they can be gay. It’s their right. But I didn’t make any video…I don’t remember that. I think if I made a video, I’d remember it.” The reporters then pulled out the video on a smart phone and showed the players. “Oh, that,” he said. “It was an anti-bullying video, not a gay (rights) video.” And finally after explaining why the project came to be be Brooks said, “I know that. I know that,” Brooks said. “Okay, you’re right and I’m wrong. Are you from one of those New York newspapers?” A similar situation happened with Sopoago who denied ever making the video and claimed that someone else must be using his name, he too was then showed the video. “What was that for?” he asked. The video has now been pulled from the It Gets Better website. [Qt]

But you know we still have it. Check it out after the jump…

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Madonna Announces World Tour

February 7th, 2012 Comments off

Madonna's Recently Released Standard Edition Cover of MDNA. Image via Facebook.

If your Facebook lit up like ours did during Madonna’s Super Bowl performance, you’ll know that Madge is back, and the fans are loving it. The 53-year-old singer recently announced the dates for her world tour, the first in three years. Her tour will begin in Israel, move on to Europe, and also cover South America and Australia (where she hasn’t been in 20 years).A record 114 million people tuned into her Super Bowl performance and the singer is number one around the world on iTunes, so expect tickets to be in high demand, even though they are rumored to priced at nearly $300. Check out the list of all the confirmed dates after the jump. We’re thinking we’ll have to coincide a few trips with these dates. How about springtime in Paris and an evening with Madonna?

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Act Now: Anti-Gay Extremists Attack GLSEN PSAs Set to Air at Super Bowl

February 3rd, 2012 Comments off

According to this information we just received from GLSEN: Anti-LGBT extremists are campaigning to make this Sunday’s Super Bowl a showcase for intolerance. Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey of Mission America is trying to pressure Grazie Media — owner of the Jumbotron outside the Super Bowl stadium in Indianapolis — to cancel air time it generously donated to GLSEN. That would have meant pulling the plug on highly visible presentations of our ThinkB4YouSpeak public service ads featuring NBA star Grant Hill and comedian Wanda Sykes.

Thank Grazie Media for Standing Strong Against Anti-LGBT Extremism. Grazie Media has stood against the pressure, and we want them to know they did the right thing and have the strongest gratitude of GLSEN supporters. We need your help to send a strong message of support to Grazie Media right now. Yours is critical. Just click on the link below, and add your name and email address to our letter.

Grazie Media will know right away that people like you won’t tolerate organized anti-LGBT bigotry. Harvey and her followers are counting on a wave of publicity about their attack on GLSEN and LGBT and allied youth. Grazie Media must know fair-minded people like you are speaking out, too.

Sign Our Thank-You Letter to Grazie. Keep the Super Bowl Safe for GLSEN’s Anti-Bullying Message