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The 18-Month-Old Face of Terror

May 11th, 2012 Comments off

Image via NYDN.

A 18-month-old child, who can’t even speak in full sentences yet, was escorted off a plane by officials because she was on a “no-fly” list. The tiny tot, Riyanna (great name!), was on her way with her parents from Fort Lauderdale when a JetBlue employee told them that they needed to get off the plane because the TSA needed to speak with them.

“I said ‘For what?” her mother told a local news station. ‘Well it’s not you or your husband. Your daughter was flagged as a no fly,” the agent told her.  “We were put on display like a circus act because my wife wears a hijab,” Riyanna’s father said. The family was allowed to re-board the plane, but they declined.

“We notified and collaborated with TSA. TSA cleared the customers to travel on JetBlue,” the airline said, later adding that the crew members followed the proper protocols. “We apologize to the family involved in this unfortunate circumstance.” [DailyNews]


U.S. Government No Fly List Doubles in One Year!

February 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Image via Passport

The U.S. Government No Fly List has reached a staggering 21,000 names! According to a report from CBS News the Obama administration is using whatever means necessary to prevent terrorist attacks in the USA. But many people are also very concerned about what this means for civil liberties for American citizens. How does someone get on the No Fly List? What other lists is the U.S. Government keeping, and why is everything about these lists Top Secret? Take a look at the CBS report and let us no what you think.