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Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen Go Full-On Tourist in New York City

April 3rd, 2014 Comments off
Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in New York

Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen  in New York

Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen lived life to the fullest in New York City during their last two weeks on Broadway’s Waiting for Godot and decided to take advantage of all the city has to offer. From the historic Stonewall Inn to Nathan’s in Coney Island, the two strutted around like the perfect couple—except Patrick Stewart isn’t gay and the two are famously best friends.

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As their months long run on the Broadway doubleheader of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot drew to a close this week (wonderful by all accounts), Magneto and Professor X took to Twitter to document their final two weeks in the city together, gifting the world with an adorable photo series of tank tops, touristy selfies and the one bromance to rule them all.



First Cupcake Vending Maching has New Yorkers Craving Sweet Treat 24-Hours

March 27th, 2014 Comments off
Holly Madison at the Las Vegas Cupcake ATM. Image via Facebook.

Holly Madison at the Las Vegas Cupcake ATM. Image via Facebook.

Craving a late-night sweet treat, but too embarrassed to slink into a bakery or bodega? Now, thanks to a 24-hour cupcake-dispensing machine in New York City’s Upper East Side, New Yorkers have the chance to conveniently obtain freshly baked frosted goods by just pushing a button. The machine comes from Charles Nelson and his wife who own the Los Angeles–based company Sprinkles Cupcakes. The machine, located next to their store Nelson’s Sprinkles Cupcakes on Lexington and 60th, is the first for New York, but similar Sprinkles machines have already proven to be a hit in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. Select one of the 20 different varieties, swipe your card, and a box comes out.


Divas are Doin’ It Right in New York City

January 31st, 2014 Comments off


Image via Divine Divas

Image via Divine Divas

It was with a sad heart that we said goodbye to ProBar in Atlantic City and its floor-mate Divas Do AC. But just as fast as the curtains closed on that AC stage, another set flung open at Stage 48 in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. And while a booze-filled limo didn’t manage to chauffeur all the girls to this new endeavor, ring leader Jason CoZmo (Liza Minelli and Dolly Parton) wrangled Gary Dee (Joan Rivers) to make a brand-new start of it in New York at a new show, Diva Royale. Funnily enough, the show opens with New York, New York, as sung by Liza (who is better at being Liza than even Liza is). “Come on come through, New York, New York,” Minelli ‘belts’ to the crowd. Don’t worry, divas, with a show like this there is no way you won’t make it here.

Located at Stage 48 in the Divine Restaurant and Lounge, the show does it old school with a three-course meal. The intimate room requires reservations, but you’ll jump at the chance to book when you realize that you can get a two three-course meals for $49 and you get a show. (You can spend that much on five Bud Lights at FairyTale Lounge down the street.)  Skeptical foodies can relax, as the show serves just-the-kind-I-want-right-now food. No one cares that you followed your truffle mac n’ cheese with a cheesburger in the dark!

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Gay Journalist Brutally Beaten in New York City: Police Need Our Help

January 28th, 2014 Comments off
Image via Pix11 via NYPD

Image via Pix11 via NYPD

An award-winning openly gay journalist was left for dead on W. 54th St. and 7th Ave. during the early hours of January 17. Police say 46-year-old Randy Gener was initially out going to a play opening was returning home to his husband for the night when “He got hit really hard on the head so he suffered traumatic brain injuries,” his husband said. Police believe that it could have been a hate crime, because none of his stuff was taken, including his wallet. The suspect, according to police, is a Hispanic, in his 20s, six-foot tall, and about 160lbs. He apparently fled the scene in a gray four-door Nissan with Mississippi license plates (KAT-397). If you have any information, you can call 800-577-TIPS. If you would like to help further, click here to donate and help Gener cover his medical expenses. 

LaGuardia Airport to Receive $3.6 Billion Facelift

January 20th, 2014 Comments off
LaGuardia Airport. Image via Passport.

LaGuardia Airport. Image via Passport.

The oft-maligned New York City airport LaGuardia is ready to enter the 21st century with a much-needed renovation. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state will handle a $3.6 billion project that will see the creation of a new central terminal, open spaces, restaurants, shopping plazas, parking garages, and free Wi-Fi. “We are going to redevelop those airports the way they should have been redeveloped many, many years ago,” Cuomo said. LaGuardia airport first opened in 1964 to handle visitors arriving in New York to attend the World’s Fair.


Cocktail Music: Aline Queen’s ‘Princess Boy’

January 17th, 2014 Comments off
Image via Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

Belgian-born singer Aline Queen was always a performer, but her transition to pop star took many—often naughty—turns. While she was trained classically as a teen, she moved to Paris and soon entered the world of domination and fetishism and became a professional dominatrix.  After moving to New York City, she began collaborating with other artists and released her first single “Princess Boy” that’s a club banger with an important message of remaining true to yourself.

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Passengers Go Bottomless for Annual No Pants Subway Ride

January 13th, 2014 Comments off
Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

An estimated 3,500 people rode the New York City subway without pants yesterday for the 13th No Pants Subway Ride. Participants put on their best skimpies and braved the 35-degree weather to convene in Union Square. The New York event has in recent years spread across the globe with over 60 cities participating. You can check out a video of the event after the jump….

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Excavating Bob Mizer at 80WSE Gallery

December 18th, 2013 Comments off

Bob Mizer Reindeer

Taking place at New York’s 80WSE Gallery, there is a live excavation of unknown photos by legendary photographer Bob Mizer, whose work spans five decades starting in the 1950s. Mizer’s images and films were produced by his company Athletic Model Guild and  they were often featured in his publication, Physique Pictorial. He is widely known as a pioneer in erotic male photography, but much of his other work was put aside by Mizer and went unseen until now.

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New York Comptroller Pressures Sochi Sponsors to Back Out of Olympics in Russia

December 5th, 2013 Comments off
Image via Facebook.

Image via Facebook.


New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and other New York City officials sent a strongly worded letter to the sponsors of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia writing that if they continue their sponsorships they will put their companies in jeopardy by facing “reputational risk.” So why should companies listen to DiNapoli, the city comptroller serves as the sole trustee to a $161 billion public pension fund. In the past he has used his power to persuade companies to de-invest in situations that threaten human rights. According to Times Union: “DiNapoli has in the past used the state Common Retirement Fund’s leverage  to press for changes in corporate policy—ranging from divestment from companies that do business with dictatorships to pressing Chevron to do right by plaintiffs in a massive environmental lawsuit in Ecuador. In each case, the Comptroller has argued that doing so is about protecting shareholder value, not promoting a progressive agenda.”

In the letter addressed to AtoS, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Omega (Swatch), McDonalds, Panasonic, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, and Visa, DiNapoli, NYC Comptroller John Liu, and a coalition of investors “with at total of $327 billion of assets under management” made three major points in their letter:

  • Ensure their nondiscrimination policies are strong, inclusive and enforced globally, especially in regard to employees stationed or on location in Russia;
  • Call on the leaders of the Russian Federation to rescind the laws that deprive members of Russia’s LGBT community of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and declare their commitment to equality irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity; and
  • Call on the International Olympic Committee to obtain firm and express commitments from the Russian government that ensure the safety and human rights of all athletes and attendees of the Winter Games and visitors to the Games’ venues.


Bebe Neuwirth’s ‘Stories… in NYC: Live at 54 Below’

November 26th, 2013 Comments off


Bebe Neuwirth’s “Stories… in New York: Live at 54 Below”

Bebe Neuwirth’s “Stories… in New York: Live at 54 Below”

Bebe Neuwirth, the sultry sounding Broadway triple threat dancer /singer/actress, has recently released a live recording of her performance at New York City’s iconic cabaret space, 54 Below.

Stories… in NYC: Live at 54 Below (available as digital download or CD) showcases the unchained power of a true performer who does everything in her body to portray songs with passion and truth. Neuwirth is dynamically accompanied by  music director and pianist Scott Cady. The 19 tracks include songs from Broadway as well as standards and contemporary selections.

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