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50 Cent, Laverne Cox, Sufjan Stevens to Appear at Cyndi Lauper’s Annual True Colors Benefit

October 24th, 2014 Comments off
Image via Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

Cyndi Lauper’s fourth annual Home for the Holidays benefit concert is shaping up to be even more eclectic than this week’s Turn It Up series, as it was announced that rapper 50 Cent will also perform to benefit homeless LGBT youths. Other headliners include indie-icon Sufjan Stevens, R&B legends Salt-N-Pepa, and controversial country gal Natalie Mains. Taking place at the Beacon Theatre on December 6, Rosie O’Donnell and Laverne Cox with co-host the event.

The addition of 50 Cent, however, comes as a surprise. The singer famously bashed gay people on social media by tweeting “If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol.” and has also threatened violence over a comment by openly gay blogger Perez Hilton. 50 Cent has been an apology tour for his comments, and it appears he has come full circle with this latest announcement.

Tickets are on sale today. 


Broadway Beauty Pageant Raises $50,000 for Ali Forney Center

May 22nd, 2013 Comments off
Orion Griffiths (Mr. “Pippin), winner of the Broadway Beauty Pageant. (photo: Jonathan Tichler)

Orion Griffiths (Mr. “Pippin), winner of the Broadway Beauty Pageant. (photo: Jonathan Tichler)

The competition was stiff in more ways than one. Orion Griffiths, Mr. Pippin, was crowned as the winner of the sold-out, seventh-annual Broadway Beauty Pageant that was held Monday evening at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

The event raised over $50,000 to benefit the Ali Forney Center, which provides shelter to homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.

The evening featured Callan Bergmann (Silence! The Musical), Julius C. Carter (SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark), Yurel Echezarreta (Matilda), Matthew Goodrich (The Nance), Orion Griffiths (Pippin), and Paul HeeSang Miller (Mamma Mia!). Nathan Lee Graham (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) served as the show’s fairy godmother.

Each of the contestants went head to head in front of a panel of celebrity judges, but ultimately, the final vote was the hands of the audience.

Keep reading over at The Broadway Blog…

Cyndi Lauper Launches New Program for LGBT Homeless Youth

June 26th, 2012 Comments off

Screen Cap via YouTube

Cyndi Lauper shows off her “true colors” after launching a new national program that will educate the public and help support LGBT homeless youth. The name of the program, Forty to None Project, stems from the United States’ homeless LGBT youth crisis. Sadly, it has been determined that 1.6 million young adults are left without a home each year and out of those millions of children, about 40% are either LGBT youth. When Lauper discovered this sad statistic, she decided it was time for her to do something about it. By creating the Forty to None Project, she hopes that some day the number will decrease to “none.”

To learn more about the project watch Lauper’s campaign video after the jump…

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Bloomberg’s Plan to Cut Services to Homeless LGBT Youth is “Reprehensible”

May 31st, 2012 Comments off

Image via Ali Forney Center's Facebook.

In order to just barely provide enough beds for homeless LGBT youth, New York State lawmakers must back an additional $3 million in annual funding to be set aside to create 100 new shelter beds every year, says a coalition of LGBT providers and advocates

The Campaign calls for the city to raise its Runaway and Homeless Youth Services budget from the recently-announced $5 million to $13.5 million, both revoking the Mayor’s proposed $7 million cuts and including the city’s half of the annual $3 million.

“Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to cut $7 million from homeless youth services is reckless and reprehensible,” said Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center. “His proposal would eliminate youth shelter beds at a time when the unmet need is enormous, and would endanger the lives of our most vulnerable youth. Every child needs and deserves shelter, and the homeless youth of our City need and deserve a mayor who won’t leave them to suffer in the streets.”

Get the word out by spreading this letter; Tweet, e-mail, or call your local legislature; and send Mayor Michael Bloomberg a message.

New York State Must Provide More Support for Homeless Gay Youth

March 29th, 2012 Comments off

Portraits of NYC's Homeless LGBT Youth by Carl Siciliano

The New York State budget agreement reached today includes a $215K increase in the amount of funding for RHY (Runaway and Homeless Youth). While an increase, it pales in comparison to the $2.35 Million cut from RHY in last year’s budget. In New York City there are only 250 youth shelter beds supported by RHY funding, while over 3,800 youths are homeless, 40% of whom are LGBT. It is unlikely that enough of this increase will reach NYC to allow the number of shelter beds to increase.

“I am deeply distressed by the lack of political will from our State leaders demonstrated in this budget to provide our most vulnerable youths with access to shelter, a necessity for human survival.” says Carl Siciliano of the Ali Forney Center. ” The LGBT community in New York will not truly achieve equality until we share equally in our State’s resources. Our community certainly contributes to our State’s economy, even more so since the passage of marriage equality, and it is disturbing to receive the message that our neediest children can be left to fend for themselves in the streets without beds.”

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Homeless For The Holidays: Portraits of America’s Unwanted Gay Children

December 20th, 2011 Comments off

Image via Facebook

The plight of homeless LGBT youth in New York City and around the country is apalling. Thousands of LGBT youth are currently living on the streets because they were rejected and abandoned by their family and friends. They suffer from hunger, lack of housing, lack of medical care, and the physical vulnerabilities of sleeping on trains or park benches.

Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, details the plight of these youth in New York City with his article “Homeless for the Holidays: Portraits of New York City’s Homeless LGBT Youth,” published in the Huffington Post.

In the article, Siciliano writes: “Both Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg have sent the distressing message that these kids do not have any right to be sheltered, with the governor having cut New York State support for youth shelter beds by 50 percent in the last year, and the mayor having repeatedly attempted to cut youth shelter funds in half, as well. How fitting that these kids, whose desperate conditions speak so profoundly of unjust economic priorities, so frequently found refuge with the Occupy Wall Street movement when they could not find a shelter bed.”

See the photos of youth in need and read Siciliano’s article here.

Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Residence to Open Next Week In New York

September 1st, 2011 Comments off
Image via OnTheRedCarpet.

One of our all-time favorite songstresses is the unstoppable Cyndi Lauper. The True Colors singer has proven that she deserves the title of a gay icon with things like her one-on-one support with troubled gay teens to her partnership with MAC Cosmetics. It was announced in February that Lauper was to take her advocacy further by opening up a shelter in NYC for LGBT homeless youths. The “True Color Residence” is no longer an idea as the Harlem home is set to open September 9.

The shelter will work to not only house these teens, but also help prepare them for the future by assisting them in finding jobs as well as offer social and educational support. “Our primary goal is to provide a physically and emotionally safe and supportive environment that will empower our young residents to be the self-loving, happy and successful individuals they were meant to be,” Lauper said. [OTRC]