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Peru Welcomes Country’s First Openly Gay Congressman as Carlos Bruce Makes Historic Coming Out

May 19th, 2014 Comments off
Image via OnTop

Image via OnTop

Peruvian Lawmaker Carlos Bruce made history when the 57-year-old came out in an interview with El Comercia. “I am gay and I am proud to belong to that group of people that are so valuable to Peru,” he said. The divorced father had become a polarizing figure in the country as he pushed to legalize civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

“I’ve always been reluctant to talk about my private life and less of the things I do in bed. I find [talking about it] distasteful. But the time is correct to graph the rights you have and that I don’t. Many believe I am unable to be a good parent or that being gay I cannot serve my country. However, I’ve done it for 12 years. It is an opportunity to strike down that image.” Bruce said. [OnTop]

Colorado Servicemembers Stand on the Right Side of History in New Gay Marriage PSA

April 22nd, 2014 Comments off
Screen Shot via YouTube.

Screen Shot via YouTube.

To demonstrate the widespread support of gay and lesbian marriage in the state of Colorado, Why Marriage Matters Colorado released an affective PSA showcasing veterans who support marriage equality. The 30-second spot began airing across the state and features local veterans, one gay the rest straight, discussing the importance of bringing equality to the state.

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#ValidateYourLove and Win a Trip to Denmark!

March 19th, 2014 Comments off
Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

This year, Denmark celebrates an important anniversary. Twenty-five years ago, the country held the world’s first same-sex civil union, and, to celebrate, VisitDenmark is holding a special contest to commemorate this historic moment. For one lucky same-sex couple, there is a marriage ceremony in Copenhagen up for grabs! Also included in the grand prize: admission for two to watch  the Eurovision Song Contest.

The contest will run until April 6, 2014. Couples who want to enter the contest can do so by posting or uploading a short video film or photo with the hashtag #ValidateYourLove, and then submitting an entry form here, telling their love story and why they should be the lucky winners of the trip to Denmark.

Stay tuned on VisitDenmark‘s website and social media channels to watch the winning couple’s love story and adventures in Copenhagen!

Chile’s Senate Advances Civil Union Bill

January 9th, 2014 Comments off
Picture via Passport

Picture via Passport

It didn’t take too long for Chile’s 2014 Congress to advance civil unions, in its first week, the Senate approved legislation that would allow same-sex partners to enter into civil unions. The Life Partner Agreement bill was advanced with 28 votes in support, six opposed, and two abstentions. According to polls, more than half of the country is in support of civil unions.  “We are happy for this significant progress towards bettering conditions and equality for all families, regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identification of its members,” a Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) statement read. “Today we have made one more step in the struggle for civil unions, which we began a decade ago. What was a dream is now becoming real.”

Delaware Becomes the 11th State with Gay Marriage!

May 7th, 2013 Comments off
Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

What a year for marriage equality in the United States. Fresh off the heels of Rhode Island and right before Minnesota votes, Delaware became the 11th state in the country to allow same-sex marriage. The Delaware state Senate approved the bill in a 12-9 vote after nearly three hour’s of debate, and the governor just signed the bill into law. Congratulations to the people of Delaware!

Delaware’s Governor Announces Gay-Marriage Bill

April 12th, 2013 Comments off


Jack Markell. Image via Facebook.

Jack Markell. Image via Facebook.

The governor of Delaware, Jack Markell, announced yesterday afternoon a bill that would legalize gay and lesbian marriage in the The First State. Given that both the upper and lower chambers of the Delaware legislature are controlled by Democrats, the governor expects that a bill would pass, though he cautions that “nothing is sure until it’s done.” Markell, a long-time supporter of the LGBT community, championed a bill in 2011 that allowed gay couples to enter into civil unions, but he now doesn’t think it’s enough. “What we know is same-sex couples want to get married for the same reason that other couples want to get married,” Markell said in a telephone interview. [Reuters]



Colorado Civil Union Act Passes and Heads to Governor

March 13th, 2013 Comments off
Governor John W. Hickenlooper is Expected to Sign the Act into Law. Image via Facebook.

Governor John W. Hickenlooper is Expected to Sign the Act into Law. Image via Facebook.

The Colorado General Assembly has passed the Colorado Civil Union Act that will provide provide gay, lesbian, and straight couples the legal benefits, protections, and responsibilities that are granted to married spouses under Colorado state law. Sponsored by Sens. Pat Steadman and Lucia Guzman in the Senate, and Speaker Mark Ferrandino and Rep. Sue Schafer in the House of Representatives, the bill passed the Senate last month 21-14 and today 39-26 in the house. Gov. John Hickenlooper is expected to sign the bill into law immediately and couples will be able to apply for a civil union license beginning on May 1.

Could Gay Marriage be Coming to Wyoming?

January 15th, 2013 Comments off
Cathy Connolly Introduced one of the Marriage Equality Bills. Image via

Cathy Connolly Introduced one of the Marriage Equality Bills. Image via

Two bills have been introduced into the Wyoming House that both would set up a legal framework to grant equal rights to gay and lesbian couples: one would allow for marriage and the other for civil unions. According to Jackson Hole Daily: “House Bill 169 would change the state’s definition of marriage to say that marriage is a civil contract between “two natural persons,” and “House Bill 168, which [Laramie Democratic Rep. Cathy] Connolly filed Monday, would create a legal framework for domestic partnerships, allowing same-sex couples to ‘obtain the rights, responsibilities, protections and legal benefits provided in Wyoming for immediate family members.’ Current law says that marriage is a contract between ‘a male and a female person.'” Jackson Republicans Rep. Keith Gingery and Rep Ruth Ann Petroff both have announced support of the bills. “It’s a basic human rights and fairness issue,” Petroff said Monday. “It’s a basic constitutional issue. There should just be no reason why same-sex couples shouldn’t have the same rights as everyone else.” The bills will be first debated in the Judiciary Committee.

Colorado’s Civil Unions Bill Passes in the Senate

April 26th, 2012 Comments off

State Capitol. Image via Passport.

The Colorado State Senate made huge news yesterday when it passed a civil unions bill. The piece of legislation will now head to the House. Last year, a similar bill was passed and sent to the House where it failed to pass by just one vote.

“Our toughest challenge is next—getting past the House Judiciary Committee, where we only need one vote to secure passage,” said Brad Clark, executive director of One Colorado in a release calling for voters to email members of the committee. [HuffPo]


Hawaii Civil Unions to Begin January 1

December 21st, 2011 Comments off

Image via Passport

The beautiful state of Hawaii is making new progress towards marriage equality with the legalization of civil unions beginning January 1. Couples in civil unions will have the same legal rights as married couples. Hawaii was the seventh state to approve such legislature earlier this year. The civil union law is the culmination of a 20-year battle over marriage equality that began when the Hawaii Supreme Court approved same-sex marriages in 1993, becoming the first state to do so. Unfortunately, voters were later given the chance to approve a “defense of marriage” amendment, which gave the legislature the power to prohibit marriage equality. The legislature then approved a ban on gay marriage, but left the door open for civil unions.

The Hawaii Legislature approved a civil union bill in 2010, but republican Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed it. Now that a democrat is in office, the bill was passed again and signed into law.

The Grand Wailea hotel  on the island of Maui recently unveiled some great civil union and commitment ceremony packages to honor the new law. Check out their offers here and celebrate Hawaii’s historic move forward.