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Apple Stores Face Worldwide Protests

February 9th, 2012 Rebeka B. Silva

Image via 1000 Words

Last week, human rights activist and Apple users alike were outraged  by the intolerable working conditions in Apple factories, leading to petitions to change the way products are made. The SumOfUs and Change.Org petitions have received over 250,000 signatures, and protest were held at Apple stores around the world today.

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Protesters delivered the petitions to Apple stores in Bangalore, London, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Sydney, and New York City. The online petition drive on Change.Org was started by Mark Shields, who describes himself as an avid Apple user who is shocked and disappointed at Apple’s lack of ethics. Sarah Ryan, a Change.Org organizer said that the joining of the petitions, and the protest, will hopefully push Apple to set new standards for the manufacturing companies.

What we want is for Apple to take their motto, ‘Think Differently’ and extend that to the way they treat their workers, she said. We want them to be a leader in the tech world in not just treating their workers in the United States fairly, but also treat the ones abroad fairly.

Recent investigations of Foxconn, one of Apples key suppliers, led to a CNN segment with Stan Grant and a female employee of the factory. Watch what she has to say about the working conditions, and her reaction to the first finished iPad she has ever seen. [CNN]

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