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Miss’d America…and an ‘Out in AC’ Recap!

January 23rd, 2012 Joseph Pedro

The 2012 Miss'D America Winner Sabel Scities of Sunnyside, New York. Image via Facebook.


OK, it nearly killed us that we weren’t able to attend this year’s Harrah’s Out in Atlantic City weekend (remember last year’s Snooki incident), which just so happened to have been combined with our favorite Atlantic City event, Miss’d America. Though, we did have our intrepid and fearless writer Jimmy Im swooped up in a limo and brought down to the city that’s Always Turned On to experience this dragstatic weekend filled with food, booze, and some serious pageantry.

Check out his report after the jump…

The Judges of Miss'D America

My gay friends will be the first to tell you my gay card has been rescinded. My closest gay friends will tell you I never had one to begin with. I’ve never seen The Wizard of Oz or Sex & the City, I’ve never read Perez Hilton and my apartment looks like a storage room. So everyone (even my straight friends) were quite befuddled when I went to Atlantic City this past weekend for the 4th annual Out in AC weekend.
Mostly out of curiosity (and I have no shame in saying I love Atlantic City), I joined a friend for Out in AC sponsored by Caesars Entertainment, which included events like Miss’d America drag pageant and gay bingo hosted by Bianca del Rio. We stayed at Harrah’s Resort, which is so massive it could have it’s own zip code. There are 2590 rooms with a full-service Red Door spa, almost a dozen restaurants including Dos Caminos, a cooking school and an indoor salt-water, heated pool, which the Pre Miss’d America Loft Party took over Saturday afternoon. The pool is a self-contained oasis with a domed, glass roof, palms and a balcony level bar where the pre Miss’d America Party took place. Fruity cocktails like “Pomegranate Paradise” and “Starburst” were served to a floor full of gays from mostly NYC, Jersey and Philly, all of whom chased down their drinks with blatant eyefuls of the beefed-up go-go dancers wearing nothing but aviator sunglasses and underwear. Or maybe it was just me.
As the gays dispersed among the bars and slot machines at Harrah’s, they all reunited at Boardwalk Hall for the 2012 Miss’d America Pageant, bringing back key pageant winners from various years, including the pageant queen from 1995, when it all began. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Carson Kressley was the host for the night, introducing all 14 contestants, most of whom were from the local area (including New York City), and gay notables, like Michael Musto and Hedda Lettuce, were among the judges. While crowd pleasers like “Pork Chop” Parker and Gusty Wind mesmerized the crowd of 1500, it was Sabel Scities of Sunnyside, New York that was crowned for 2012. While I haven’t seen a drag show in years, I was completely entertained by the talent (not everyone lip synched) and the over-the-top outfits. It may have been the first time I wondered what I would look like in a wig.
Plenty after parties abound, and most guests made a bee-line to Pro Bar, the only gay club on the strip (opened last fall) or Brass Rails, a gay bar of a divier variety. I headed back to Harrah’s for the After party at the Pool hosted by JWoww, which, as you would assume, wasn’t the gayest option and still proves my gay card may have passed its expiration date. I would like to think it was reactivated at Sunday brunch, where I happily headed to Gay Bingo hosted by Bianca del Rio at Harrah’s Ballroom. I don’t even do straight bingo, so I can only assume this weekend brought out the rainbow in me. That crazy bitch Bianca had me hunched over with laughter the entire event, I swear I got a work-out from it. While I didn’t win any of the prizes, I was won over by the LGBT community, my community, so can I have an application for my gay card please?
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