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Cocktail Music: Matt Nathanson

October 4th, 2013 Tyler Neasloney
Screen shot via YouTube

Screen shot via YouTube

Matt Nathanson has just sung his way back into our hearts (please, as if he ever even left in the first place) with his brand new video for “Kinks Shirt.” This bouncy love song, dedicated to a stripper clad in a t-shirt and a couple of feathered fans, had us clapping along all the way to the end. His hazy daydream of the life he shares with that girl in the “Kinks Shirt” takes a surprising and heart-warming turn when it’s revealed that she is actually a he. But it’s what happens next that makes Matt Nathanson one of our favorite allies.

The trans community is already buzzing about Matt’s positive portrayal of transgender people, but this isn’t the first time he’s made a hit dedicated to his LGBT devotees. The San Francisco-based singer/dad/all around perfect man released “Modern Love” in the middle of last year. This equality anthem is, as he puts it, a celebration of everything he loves about his city.

Watch the “Kinks Shirt” and “Modern Love” videos after the jump…

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