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Cooking with... Sophia Loren
Cooking With… Sophia Loren

Join us in the kitchen with Sophia Loren for a taste of Linguine Con Salsa Sophia and her delicious tiramisu.

The Spirit of Sedona
The Spirit of Sedona

Jim Gladstone journeys to the uber-gay-friendly city Sedona, Arizona as and gets his chakra realigned, goes on a spiritual hike, and meets local gays and lesbians who call the picturesque Verde Valley home.

Hotel Therapy: Paresa Resort
Hotel Therapy: Paresa Resort

Paresa Resort in Phuket, Thailand was built to blend into the natural environment, and to provide one-of-a-kind luxury for the sophisticated traveler.

What’s New In… Fort Lauderdale
gay What’s New In… Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been on the LGBT community’s travel radar for decades now, but with new hotels, restaurants, and an LGBT museum dedicated to the history of AIDS, more and more people are discovering this sunny destination.

Passport Magazine August Print Edition
gay Passport Magazine August Print Edition

Preview This Month's Print Edition.

Orlando - Something For Everyone
gay Orlando – Something For Everyone

Skip the mouse ears, when you visit Orlando, Florida and revel in countless natural attractions, experience the highs of museum-ing, enjoy the fine dining, stay in chic boutique hotels, saturate in the expert cocktails, and dance at myriad clubs—and all this in the beautiful Florida weather all while surrounded by a friendly and attractive local crowd.

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